Client Story – Janelle

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“Janelle” was working with her PLAN of PA Care Manager to establish a medical care team for some significant health diagnoses. She struggled with anxiety around getting medical care and often has, historically, refused care. In addition, she was not receiving all the benefits for which she was eligible. We had specific hopes that she would qualify for some services to be provided at no cost under the waiver program. While working on these important goals, Janelle became pregnant and made the decision to raise her baby.

Janelle’s PLAN of PA Care Manager worked to build a relationship of trust. She supported Janelle to take care of her own medical needs as well as maintain optimal health for the baby. Janelle’s trust was crucial in setting up the appropriate medical care team; scheduling and attending appointments; and conducting the prescribed follow up. Right now both mommy and unborn baby are healthy.

In addition, Janelle and her PLAN Care Manager have assured that Janelle now receives all benefits for which she is eligible and she is receiving some services which are now paid for under the waiver program. Once the baby is born, Janelle and her Care Manager will work together to assure that she and her baby get the proper medical attention and have access to all available benefits.

While Janelle is a resilient and strong person, she relies on her PLAN of PA Care Manager to assist her with these foundational supports that allow her to live a healthier life. The relationship they have developed provides her with a safe place to discuss some difficult challenges and discover solutions.

Janelle’s name was changed for this story to protect her privacy.