Client Story – Renee

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“Renee” was successfully residing in a group home for many years. A little over a year ago she began to struggle with her mental illness and was hospitalized briefly. As soon as she showed slight signs of improvement, she was discharged back to the group home. At this time, her health issues made it impossible for her to walk upstairs to her bedroom; so, the shared living room became her bedroom.

PLAN of PA  found Renee an intermediate treatment facility where she could work on the issues that remained from her recent psychiatric hospitalization. Unfortunately, this arrangement only lasted days before she was discharged without a plan. At this juncture, Renee’s PLAN of PA Care Manager found her a geriatric oriented psychiatric facility. Here she was able to stabilize and recover enough to be discharged to a Skilled Nursing Unit to resolve her physical symptoms. She remains in this facility today.

People with behavioral health and physical diagnoses can and do recover – every day. But often they don’t recover without the right support. Without PLAN of PA to advocate for Renee and follow up when residential and in-patient treatment did not work out, her chances for recovery would have been bleak. Even in the Skilled Facility, there have been challenges with medication and behaviors where the PLAN of PA Care Management team is able to follow up and advocate for Renee.

Renee’s name was changed for this story to protect her privacy.