Care Management

Fee-for-Service Care Management

Through its Care Management Services, PLAN of PA seeks to improve the lives of individuals living with a Mental Health Disabilty by working with each person to develop a support network unique to his or her needs – encouraging independence, stability, and security while enhancing quality of life. As part of the Personal Care Plan development process, PLAN of PA is able to evaluate current benefits and apply for others that may be available, such as Social Security, food stamps and Medicaid. We assist clients in finding housing, managing their finances, and coordinating transportation and recreation opportunities, as well as monitoring personal needs.

PLAN of PA maintains contact and coordinates services with social workers, psychiatrists, medical and hospital personnel, attorneys, trustees, banks and other service providers. Each client’s services are specifically tailored to meet his/her individual needs. Our private case managers can schedule periodic visits to clients, listen to client’s concerns and those of their families, and maintain a flexible approach to the client’s needs with a focus on individual strengths.


PLAN of PA offers 4 types of care management service contracts:

Personal Care Plans

PLAN of PA, the client and family develop the Personal Care Plan together. The Plan includes:

  • Basic information about the client, his/her history and support network;
  • Details of the family’s wishes for their relative;
  • A description of future care services to be provided;
  • An assessment of how the Plan will be financed;
  • A description of PLAN of PA’s role in implementing and monitoring the Plan.
  • Personal Care Plans are reviewed and updated annually.

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Current Service Contracts

PLAN of PA offers care management services to members who require short-term (6 months), goal specific services. This provides an opportunity to try PLAN of PA services before committing to a Personal Care Plan.


Financial Contracts

To further assist families with their mentally disabled family member, PLAN of PA can establish a bank account for the client and act as either Representative Payee or Active Fiduciary. VA, SSI, and SSD checks are directly deposited each month into the accounts and PLAN of PA pays monthly bills (rent, utilities, etc.) and distributes spending money based on individual needs and schedules.



The Executive Director of PLAN of PA is available to serve as a consultant for families or individuals with specific questions or concerns about future care planning but who are not seeking or ready for a Personal Care Plan or a Current Service Contract. The fee for this service is billed by the hour.




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