Consultation Services

Consultation Services provide options, resources and direction for a person with a Mental Health &/or Intellectual Disability diagnosis. We know that it can be overwhelming to figure out bigger issues in the areas of benefits, housing, setting up a trust or finding a medical team to treat an illness.  Consultation is for the person and his or her support system who wish to navigate these challenges inter-dependently with guidance from PLAN of PA Care Managers who have a wealth of experience in these areas.

Care Management Consultation forms a partnership between the Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the person and his or her support system. We listen, generate ideas and affirm your choices. Once the desired outcomes are clarified, we develop a plan so that you can achieve your goal(s). We can serve as a guide along the way, supporting you through the various twists and turns that typically occur. If your needs lie outside of our expertise, we will refer you to a suitable professional who we have come to know and trust.


Special Needs Trust Consultation provides guidance in setting up a Special Needs Trust. Often it’s overwhelming to understand and complete all the legal and financial steps to establish the trust and name a Corporate Trustee. PLAN of PA’s Trust Team helps break down the process and develop a step by step plan. We can connect individuals and their families with financial advisors and legal professionals who have devoted their careers to the specific dynamics involved with Special Needs Trusts.


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